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Review: At Home in the Dark, Lawrence Block, ed.

At Home in the Dark is the newest anthology from master writer and editor Lawrence Block. It contains seventeen stories exploring what Block refers to as “the dark end” of the gray scale of a “hard line on reality”, plus one of Block’s usual wonderful introductions.

I have, in truth grown up reading one of the included writers – Joyce Carol Oates. I’ve met several others through other Block anthologies – Joe R. Lonsdale and Jill D. Block come to mind. I now want to explore their work more deeply and dive into the work of the other contributors.

As in any Block-edited anthology, the writing is tight and swift-moving. My favorite stories in it are Joe R. Lonsdale’s “The Senior Girls Bayonet Drill Team” and Joe Hill’s “Faun”.

No matter what genre the stories in this book are – even if they are out of your comfort zone or your favorite genre – I found them well worth the time it took (2 hours and 57 minutes, according to my Kindle) to read them, and I think you will, too.

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