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Review: Little Miss Marker, Tobias the Terrible, Romance in the Roaring Forties, and The Lemon Drop Kid, by Damon Runyon

Following up on my last story, I have been listening to some f the Damon Runyon stories at The Damon Runyon Theatre.

I’ll actually note four stories here: the aforementioned “Little Miss Marker,” “Tobias the Terrible,” “Romance in the Roaring Forties,” and “The Lemon Drop Kid.” They are all delightful, and all deserve a listen, especially “Little Miss Marker.” Whoever the reader is, he has the accent down perfectly, and the stories evoke a New York that most of us want to believe in, even though it never really existed.

And that is the charm of Runyon’s stories: he creates a New York that is vibrant and exciting, peopled with flamboyant characters that make you wish you lived among them.

If you can listen to these stories, you really should. When properly read, they are delightful.

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