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Review: Happiness Came With a Cat: My Journey from Brokennesss to Happiness, and the Life Lessons My Cat Taught Me, by Cynthia Star

Cynthia Star’s Happiness Came With a Cat: My Journey from Brokenness to Happiness, and the Life Lessons My Cat Taught Me is an adorable short book about her journey with the cat her daughter wanted, Mr. Jinx. It’s basically an explanation of the insights she gained while first cat-sitting, then owning Mr. Jinx.

As the owner of a difficult cat, I found Ms. Star’s insights to be spot on. My difficult cat is now 19, and beginning to feel her age. I enjoyed very much the similarity between insights I’ve gotten from Kitt and the several cats who preceded her in my home.

Anyway, when Ms. Star gets a cat for her daughter, her life implodes from several directions. As anyone who owns (or is owned by) a cat can tell you, they are the best therapists. And Ms. Star is clearly a keen observer of feline behavior, and very capable of extrapolating how her observations of Mr. Jinx’s behavior is relevant in living her life.

I definitely recommend this book for cat lovers and even those who might be cat lovers if the right cat came along. I also recommend it for folks who are afraid of cats, because it shows how compatible with humans cats can be. I note that I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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