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Review: Excuse Me While I Disappear: Tales of Middle-Age Mayhem, by Laurie Notaro

Excuse Me While I Disappear: Tales of Middle-Age Mayhem is another fun, light read from Laurie Notaro.

I really needed this book today. It’s been a rough day – life is imploding, my summer col has turned into an autumn cold, and two friends are dealing with medical issues.

Ms. Notaro has a way of relating tales of office, home, and writing life that is very relatable. While I didn’t find any out-and-out guffaws in this installment of her life, I was pretty much chuckling all the way through it.

Whether she is discussing office politics or the various indignities that occur as a woman grows older, it’s easy to see yourself in the situation. It’s even easier to chuckle at a response you often wish you could make.

Ms. Notaro notes that she is a child of the 90s, but her observations transcend any one generation.

This is a good read for a day when you need something light and funny.

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