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Review: Baron: The Cat Returns, by Aoi Hiiragi

Sigh. This is the second time Goodreads has eaten a review I was working on. Let me try to reconstruct it.

I found Aoi Hiiragi’s wonderful YA graphic novel, Baron: The Cat Returns after seeing the English film version, with its stellar cast: Anne Hathaway as Haru, Tim Curry as the Cat King, Cary Elwes as the Baron, Peter Boyle as Muta, Elliott Gould as Toto, Rene Auberjonois as Natori, Andy Richter as Natori, and Judy Greer as Yuki.

It is a charming tale, of course, but it also is about the importance of being who you are, and not worrying about “fitting in.”

The book follows from an earlier work of Hiiragi’s: Whisper of the Heart, which I will be looking for next. Honestly, if works like these keep finding me, I can see a big obsession with Studio Ghibli and manga coming down the pike. Details, of course, as development happens. And, although I have no idea if he reads this blog, a huge thank you to my old college buddy, Joe Sullivan, who keeps encouraging me to dip my toes into the manga pool.

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