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Review: Coraline, by Neil Gaiman

If there is one thing you can count on Neil Gaiman for, it’s a fun, solid story with a few surreal twists. Coraline is no exception to this. From a little girl who is totally frustrated at the adults around her’s inability to use her right name (something I can identify very strongly with given the beatings my last name has taken over the years) to said little girl’s wish for some attention and her intelligence and curiosity (which is what gets her into trouble, this is one of these books I wish had been around when I was a youngling to keep my Pippi Longstocking books company.

Coraline was a fun listen, especially since Neil Gaiman was the reader. I’ve heard Neil read before, and he is always fun to listen to. So, this is definitely a must if you have kids that like creepy stuff (as many kids do), or if YOU like creepy stuff. Especially if that creepy stuff is based around real fears and issues kids have.

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