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Review: Round Up the Usual Peacocks (Meg Langslow #31), by Donna Andrews

There are very few series that will hold me through 31 books. (In fact, Lawrence Block’s wonderful books and the late Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books are the only other series that I can think of where my attention was held from the first book to the last.)

That said, it was with anticipation that I picked up Donna Andrews’ 31st Meg Langslow mystery, Round Up the Usual Peacocks. I was not disappointed. Ms. Langslow and her whole crazy, funny extended family are back, this time to celebrate her brother Rob’s wedding. It also involves three cold cases, all of which are over 20 years old. The interesting ways the cases end up being resolved (two openly, and one “secretly”) are satisfying, of course. Also satisfying are the hallmarks of the Langslow mysteries: the huge family, the dysfunctional animals, the next county – with its corruption, at least one bit of less than legit action by the sleuths, and a ton of chuckles along the way.

One little note, this time around, Ms. Andrews name-checks one of my favorite writers, and one of his friends and favorite writers. This made me smile, of course.

I do recommend this series, but do read it in order if possible, so you have the best chance of growing into “the family.”

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