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An Interesting Quest

I received <i>Atrocious Immoralities</i> by Brynne Stevens to review from the wonderful BookSirens website. All opinions expressed in this review are mine, however.

I would have given this a higher rating, but for the author’s slipping into modern idioms, and somewhat misusing the formal version of medieval English. These two faults pulled me out of the story several times, but I was able to get back into it, so I didn’t deduct more than one star for each.

That said, the story was a lot better than the opening led me to expect. I wish Avis, Charles, Ephraim, and Isabel could have been a bit more complex, but Swain was drawn very well. The story is a complicated quest tale, with Avis trying to find out her origins, prevent a war, and discover what is really important to her. I think it reads better if considered as a YA book, rather than an adult one, but I did enjoy it.

I would definitely class this more as medieval chick lit than action, but I think it would be just perfect for older teens who want a little more than just a starry-eyed, unrequited love tale.

Again, I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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