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Book Review: The Stone Buddha’s Tears, by S.P. Somtow

I loved this book.

Okay, Somtow needs a better proofreader, but when that is the only criticism you can make about a story, that’s a Very Good Thing.

From the moment you meet Boy, Nen Lek, Ake, and Sombun you are drawn into a fascinating tale, not only about the people themselves, but about what the intersection of two seemingly unimportant lives can achieve.

In his notes at the end of the book, Somtow says that this was originally to have been part of a series, although the series never managed to happen. I wish it had – I certainly would have bought all the books based on the quality of this one.

Oh, yeah, I have only one other problem with Somtow’s writing: Every book of his I do get to read makes me want to add more of his books to my already overgrown reading queue. AND THIS ONE WAS NO EXCEPTION TO THAT.

(FULL DISCLOSURE: Although I have only met Somtow in person once for a few minutes at a Science fiction convention, I have been honored with his virtual friendship over the years. One way I honor friendships with writers (and I have many) is that I give full and honest reviews of their work. If I hate a book I will say so. If I love it, I will say so. I purchased this book on my own from Amazon, and I receive no compensation for reviewing it. I hope anyone who purchases, borrows, or otherwise honestly acquires it enjoys it as much as I did.)

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