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Just a Few Links to Interesting Things

First, I would like to point folks to an article about dictionaries in today’s New York Times:

Next I want to remind readers about a couple of websites I love:

Bookmooch: A site for trading books. You make a list of books you want to get rid of, and others choose from your list. You send the books to them, paying the postage.  You can also browse for books you want, and ask for them.  The owners send them to you and they pay the postage.

FictFact: A great website for letting you track your series reading.  Since I read over 100 series, it makes following what I’ve read, what will be coming out soon, etc., easy to track.  And since I can use it on my phone’s web browser, it makes it easy to take to the library with me. You can also email them if a series you want to follow is not listed and have it added to the ones they track.

Goodreads: allows you to track all of the books you read, even the ones not in series.  Has a number of other great features, too: blogs by writers, contests for winning books and ereaders, and discussion groups.

Anyway, that’s about it for today’s version. Happy reading, and I’ll see you all next week!

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