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Your Grammarian has been Sick Enough to Stay in Bed Reading…

First of all, let me note that many of my friends are writers.

I am not generally big on reading the work of friends, because I am always afraid I will be disappointed.

That said, I have spent much of the last few days reading some the books Seanan McGuire has written.  At the second seder, D, our intrepid hostess, loaned me the first book of Seanan’s “InCryptid” series, Discount Armageddon, and gave me a copy of the second, Midnight Blue-Light Special, to keep (she had accidentally ordered it twice).  They were fabulous.  I adore her heroine, Verity Price.  I adore her heroine’s friends and colleagues.  I love her hobby is free-running, and that she really wants to be a ballroom dancer.  I adore the writing — it’s sassy and snarky, and totally fits with her characters.

Having finished those, I returned to her “October Daye” Series. I had read the first book, Rosemary and Rue, shortly after if came out, but life then got “interesting”.  I finally got a chance to put the second book, A Local Habitation, on hold as an ebook at my library, and take the third, An Artificial Night, out as a paperback. I tore through them the night before last, only putting them down briefly when I couldn’t focus and fell asleep (the wonders of antibiotics) for short periods.  Those done, I borrowed the next one, Late Eclipses, as an ebook, and put the following one, One Salt Sea, on hold.

If you like urban fantasy, you will adore these books.  Hell, even if you don’t like urban fantasy, you should give them a try.  They are well-written, chuckle to yourself (and occasionally laugh out loud) funny, and just really good reads.

IF you do try them, please let me know how you like them.

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