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Reading in Cycles

I don’t know about you, but I have noticed I tend to read in cycles.

Lately, my leisure reading is concentrated in three areas:  mysteries, biographies, and books about food & cooking.

this is, of course, not a hard and fast rule.  I can be tempted by a book on the Brooklyn Public Library website that is outside of those areas, or a book by a friend — I have a ton of writers among my acquaintances.

But for some reason, this is how my reading habit works.  Some months I will read primarily books about writing, or organizing one’s stuff, or philosophy & religion books.  Other months, it will be craft books.  But I always seem to gravitate to one area for a while, then move on to another.

Do you read in cycles?  What are your favorite things to read currently?

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2 thoughts on “Reading in Cycles

  1. Sometimes I read in cycles, more often it’s whatever reserved books have arrived. I just finished Argo, by Antonio Mendez, the CIA agent who got the six diplomats hiding with the Canadians out of Iran. The current stack of library books is a mix of biographies, fiction, and Leonard Cohen’s poems and songs. Mood and loan dates affect what I’m reading at any point.

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